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Why Organic Farm Charity?

Organic Farm Charity (OFC) is a nonprofit organization that was founded to raise funds for organic farms that have lost a substantial amount of vegetation due to unforeseen natural disasters. We directly provide the funding to the farmers through fundraising events with no overhead costs. We are beginning our work in Puerto Rico, where in September of 2017, a series of hurricanes carved a merciless path of destruction through the Caribbean island. Hurricane Irma came first, a storm that left countless residents homeless and without electricity. Attempting to recover from a weakened state, the island was then hit with another, much stronger hurricane just a few weeks later. This Category 5 storm known as Hurricane Maria swept through the entirety of the island, uprooting over 460 million trees and killing about 3000 people in Puerto Rico. Although there was damage inflicted on the cities and urban areas of Puerto Rico, none compared to the devastation felt by the farmers. The hurricanes destroyed many of the farms’ vegetation and have forced farmers to spend the past nine months cleaning up. As a result, farmers were unable to raise new crops, restricting the revenue that can be created. With no progress being made, this demonstrates that these farmers need money, not only to gather new materials to clean up and nourish their farms, but also to rebuild their lives after the devastating hurricanes. In order to collect fundraising money, Organic Farm Charity will be conducting their first relief concert on September 22 of 2018 in Irvine, the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria. 

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