Helping Organic Puerto Rican Farms

Organic Farm Charity visited three eco-farms across the island (Govardhan Gardens, Pachamama Forest Garden, and Mayani Farms), each with their own problems and needs due to the hurricanes. Along with the loss of electricity and running water, the majority of the organic fruit trees, seedlings, and seeds, some of which were grown for over twenty years, were destroyed due to the fallen trees. In addition to the lost vegetation, buildings such as greenhouses and nurseries collapsed and were swept away. 

Govardhan Gardens

"Govardhan Gardens's goal is to inspire a natural life style, care for the earth and environment, as well as to encourage independent living and thought, grassroots social cooperation, and meaningful, self-sufficiency oriented lifestyles outside the grid of a consumer-created culture."

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Pachamama Forest Garden

"The Pachamama Forest Garden is an alternative space for the learning of forest sustenance. This farm is a place to facilitate the re-connection with the natural tropical world. This project is a work in progress, using a low impact approach model with the intention to create a sustainable family farm."

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Mayani Farms

"Mayani Farms are an eco-organic farm located in the interior of the island.  This farm raises goats for dairy and fertilizer, as well as chickens and ducks for eggs. They are known for growing fruit trees from around the tropical world as well as various types of bamboo."

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