Why Save Govardhan Gardens?

For 20 years, Sadhu worked tirelessly to develop Govardhan Gardens, a role model project in Puerto Rico (www.organicfarm.net). His original goal was to set up an inspiring example of self-sufficiency, plant diversity and sustainability. Over time, the farm developed into the most diversified tropical rare fruit, nut and bamboo collection ever established in the Caribbean. The farm served thousands of visitors, seed and rare plant collectors and it supported local wildlife, especially birds. Many of the new tropical fruit species planted were the first ever in the region and the goal was to benefit current and future generations. In short, the project turned into one of the leading and most well-known eco and research projects in the area.

On September 20th, 2017, the most devastating hurricane (winds up to 165 mph) in the history of Puerto Rico caused utter destruction around the entire island and destroyed much of the renowned tropical fruit and nut collection Sadhu had worked on so hard over the past two decades. The devastation was so extreme that outside help was required for the first time. Fortunately, there were some local donors and supporters, but their help just covered some of the basic expenses to clean up the farm. As a leading eco designer, Sadhu could not only save the farm but create a unique "eco fortress" that can serve as example for other tropical farms that get hit by hurricanes, as well as a uniquely protected bird sanctuary. 

Here's what's separating the current situation from realizing this goal: additional funds to pay qualified farm workers, a few machines and special plant material for erosion and wind control. The total cost for these expenses is $14,500, and it would be a huge step in ensuring the future of this project, which is generally considered to be one of the most important projects ever launched in the Caribbean. Sadhu assured us that it’s not an all-or-nothing fundraiser and that every support, no matter how small, helps.