Why Save Pachamama Forest Garden?

Pachamama Forest Garden is a thirteen acre farm that consists mostly of secondary forest located in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. The project was started about 8 years ago and progress was steady until the last two hurricanes hit the farm. At this forest-farm, the existing wild vegetation as well as new edible crops and ornamental plants are integrated together. The sustainable farming endeavors go hand in hand with protecting our environment: water, soil, air and wildlife. This biological small piece of Earth has vast life in it and we are committed to manage everything in tune with the environment and with respect

Before the impact of hurricanes Irma and Maria, Pachamama Forest Garden had at least 70% of untouched forest area. After the impact of them, about 40% of the tallest shade trees were lost, which included fruit trees and ornamentals. The simple structures that used to accommodate volunteers - an integral part of the project - completely disappeared. In addition of vegetation and garden loss, the main road leading to the entrance of the farm suffered from landslides and sediments. For the past ten months now, Pachamama Forest Garden has steadily worked on clearing, cutting up fallen trees and planting new fruit trees.  

The work is physically, emotionally and spiritually very demanding, but the farm was fortunate to have some help and support from volunteers who want to see ecological farms like this one survive and thrive again. The farm still has a lot of work ahead but is committed to reconstruct the forest garden. Approximately $11,000 is needed to rebuild the destroyed volunteer structure.